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Sherlock's Secret Challenge


Can you solve the mystery?

Arthur Conan Doyle has left you a letter. Not just a letter! A challenging riddle which will reveal to you the secret behind his famous character Sherlock Holmes. That is, if you prove to be a puzzle-solving mastermind first.

Sherlock Holmes is arguably the most memorable character in literary history, yet one of the least relatable. He is haughty, pedantic and a genius! The embodiment of the rational mind. He has managed to fascinate the world since his story was first published in 1887. But how did he come to be?

Learn all about his Edinburgh roots by joining Sherlock’s Challenge. We guarantee a fun day out!

We meet outside the Conan Doyle pub on 71 York Place

Discover Edinburgh’s mysteries and

sights in a fun and challenging way

Extremely well thought out, great props and clues; clearly a lot of thought and work has gone into making this.

Detective Zubin D'Sousa

The best riddle game I've played in therms of integration with the story and fulfilling ending.

Detective Jacobo Saro

We had the most amazing time in Edinburgh doing the challenge! It took us all over the city to see places we would never have visited.

Detective Nick Robinson