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How do the games work?

At the start, you will meet up with your host who will brief you on the dynamics of the game. We ask you to show up at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start of the game. Your host will need to be in touch with you through WhatsApp, sms or Messanger so you must bring a charged mobile with internet access. You will also have to pay a deposit for the rental of the game kit. The kit will have all you need for the game including a map. Once the game begins, solving the puzzles will give you clues that will take you from one location to another till the final resolution of the story. You will be interacting with permanent features of the city in order to progress in the game. No clues are hidden in the city. Every clue is meant to be used once only, in a particular order and location of the city. When you reach the end there will be a drop off place for the kit nearby. The deposit will be refunded once everything is checked and in order.

Do you issue refunds?

If you cancel up to 48h before, you will be refunded all but 5 pounds for administrative costs. You can also reschedule for another day at no cost up to 24h before. Please contact us here with any queries.

Why is a deposit needed and how does it work?

On arrival you will have to pay a £20 deposit by card. This is for the rental of the kit needed to play the game. The amount will be fully refunded to your card at the end of the game if no item is missing or broken. Please take care of our kit and return it at the end, we put a lot effort into it. We charge a fraction of its value as a deposit. If you damage or loose some of its content you may lose your deposit. We don’t re-use the evelopes or anything made out of paper and we don’t expect those back.

How long does it take?

The game duration varies greatly between customers. The games are designed to take around 2.5 hours. The approximate duration is based on the average time taken by previous players. We recommend giving yourself ample time on the day you book the game to ensure you manage to complete it. Although we try to be flexible, there is a time limit for all of our games (4h) and if you exceed it you must return the kit without completing the game.

How much time do I have?

There is a time limit to complete the game. The games are designed to take around 2.5 hours, but we have discovered that this may vary LOTS depending on the group. We think the game is more fun if you tackle it in one go and race against our time records, but If you want to give yourself plenty of time or if you’re hoping to take a break half way through, just remember you have a maximum of 4 hours. If you exceed this time you will have to return the kit without completing the game.

Can I reschedule?

If you’ve had a problem and you need to reschedule you can do so at no cost here (link) up to 12 hours before the game starts. This is subject to availability.

At what time should I arrive? What happens if I’m late?

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the game starts. You need this time to listen to the host’s explanation, exchange telephone numbers and receive instructions as well as to go through the terms and conditions and pay the deposit. The groups are staggered 30 minutes apart to make the experience more unique and enjoyable. If you’re not on time for the game you may loose your spot.

How hard are the games?

The games vary in difficulty. If you’re not too used to puzzle solving or “Escape Room” type games or if you are playing with younger family members, we recommend taking the “Challenger Mode”. If you love puzzles and have played something similar before, then we believe its best for you to step up and take the “Master Mode”. Whichever you choose the host will be reachable by phone at all times to give you hints when needed.

Do I require a reservation?

We highly recommend booking in advance. There’s no guarantee otherwise that there will be availability.